Replacement Flywheel

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Replacement Flywheel

Postby fink » Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:32 pm

Had that dreadful grinding noise last week when went to start bike.

Whipped side cover off to find starter motor slack. Goodness knows how long its been like that.
needless to say the valeo bendix is well work. Ring gear looked a little damaged but not too bad.

So replaced starter with this ... 2749.l2649 . Not a bad deal put it in and she started and then started grinding once I tried again. #-o The teeth on the other side of the ring gear are well worn. Bit of damage done by knackered teeth to bendix. :-"

I'm looking at a sachs replacement flywheel as opposed to and OE part, would it be worth considering a second hand one? Depending on thickness of plates may consider a new clutch too.

Any how, went to take off exhaust noticed the lambda sensor wires had been cut, the plug has been removed from its socket on the harness too. :-k :-k .
Are there any obvious alterations that could have been made? What should I be looking for if so?

I'm presuming ill need to lock the crank manual states locking tool, have read about locking pin at TDC. Any other special tools required ?

Any other hints I've seen Mr Harris video.

My intention was to leave back end in situ and just lift out of way, would that be the easiest as I probable wont have an assistant?

Cheers for any advice

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