Inexpensive Krauser Pannier mounts.

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Inexpensive Krauser Pannier mounts.

Postby CaptAirhead » Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:19 pm

When I got my bargain eBay pannier racks for my '79 R80/7, I didn't realise that some had the bracket for the Krauser pannier lock and some had not. Mine didn't. On checking the price for the appropriate kit to mount my panniers, I discovered that I needed the seatbelt type latch and also a mounting bracket at a combined cost of around £50 including nuts and bolts and P&P.
I figured that there must be a less expensive way to mount my panniers securely but after a lot of thought and some silly ideas, I concluded that there was no way round having to buy the seatbelt latches but I was not prepared to pay around £30 for a couple of adaptors.
This is what I came up with:-
ImageBMW Krauser Pannier fixing hardware, by Ian Beat, on Flickr

ImageBMW Krauser Pannier Lock Plate by Ian Beat, on Flickr

ImageKrauser Panniers to BMW R80/7 TIC by Ian Beat, on Flickr
(Yes..the exhausts are lying on the ground!)

The rack is 16mm so my first attempt was with 16mm stainless P clips but the rubber prevented the pannier from locating properly so I settled for 12mm P clips amd removed the rubber. They fitted perfectly and TBH look far neater than the proper £30 adaptor from Motorworks. Having said that, I don't know that they are as strong as the proper adaptor but strong enough for my needs as I don't carry much weight in my panniers. The total cost was around £3 including some stainless nuts and bolts.
What you will need:-
4 x 12mm Stainless P clips ( Remove the rubber)
4 x M5 x 10mm Flanged button head bolts ( 15mm length would make it easier to fit the washers)
4 x M5 locking nuts
4 x M5 washers
1 x 10mm spanner
1 x size 3 hex key

Another wee job done and dusted!
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Re: Inexpensive Krauser Pannier mounts.

Postby gogs01 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:49 pm

Well done Ian - a neat job !
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Rob Frankhamr
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Re: Inexpensive Krauser Pannier mounts.

Postby Rob Frankhamr » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:04 pm

As a matter of interest, my solution to a similar issue was to fit the later type of clamp that clips round the mount tube. For those who are OCD on originality, this may be a step to far but the replacement latches are:

a) practically invisible
b) BMW parts anyway
c) easier to source keys for
d) mean that I can interchange both types of pannier between the three bikes and
e) most importantly, less likey to leave your precious panniers (and contents) sliding down the road (which is a fairly common occurence with the old 'seat belt' type latches).


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