Engine size/mapping

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Engine size/mapping

Postby Legsio67 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:48 pm

Hi all.
I decided to push the boat out and invest in a brand new f800gs. Off I toddled full of excitement to my local BMW dealer looking forward to taking advantage of bmws 0% finance deal. I wandered around the show room barely able to contain my excitement, eventually a salesman approached me and asked if he could help me. I announced with glee that I had come with the intention of purchasing a new f800gs only to see the salesmans face drop!
They've stopped production I was told and apparently they were rarer than hens teeth, basically I stood little or no chance of acquiring one :sad:
Gutted, I was then shown the range of 1200gs. Being average of stature 5-7 and quite short in the leg even with the lowered seat it still felt quite a lump when sat on and at 5000 more than the 800 above my price range anyway!
During our quite long and involved discussions, the salesman informed me that the 650/700 and 800 gs all had the same 800 engine just different power outputs. 33bhp-650 42-700 and 65-800?
Feeling quite deflated I proceeded to our local used bike dealer where I found a barely used 13 plated 700gs with all the goodies, hard BMW panniers/abs/traction control/heated grips/electronically adjustable suspension/comfort seat/extended screen, so on and so on!
I took it for a test ride and bought it there and then.
I absolutely love it!!!! The ride is amazing, feeling comfortable, very controllable and stable on the road.
now a few months on and totally at ease with it, whilst still loving it, I would ideally like a bit more power, having come from a cbr6.
My question is, if the salesman was right about all three bikes containing the same 800 lump, is it simply a question of having my 700 re-mapped?
Any comments greatly appreciated

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Re: Engine size/mapping

Postby Teetwothousand » Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:27 am

Hi - I have a F650GS which is also an 800 twin. My understanding is that the engines are the same but as well as being tuned slightly differently they also have different sprocket combinations. So you could get it tweaked and put a freer flowing end can etc. and/or do something with the sprockets to change the gearing. I have had mine since January , done approx 5K and have grown to be very comfortable with it and have not found it wanting on power. It does have quite a flat torque curve so easy riding is by changing up early and just rolling the throttle in corners. I have also had a few occasions keeping up with my faster neighbour on his 1200GS where I have revved it higher and stayed in lower gears longer and I think it flies.

These are great bikes IMHO..:-)

BTW I think your 'salesman' was talking bllx
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Re: Engine size/mapping

Postby george baker » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:07 pm

your 'salesman' was talking bllx
do they ever do that?

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Re: Engine size/mapping

Postby Legsio67 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:40 am

Thanks for that!
Changed my riding style, changing earlier etc, can carry a lot more speed through corners now :)
Will prob invest in a new can but won't bother with mapping for now!

They are indeed fantastic bikes.


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