F800ST - hot legs!

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F800ST - hot legs!

Postby Goldbug101 » Sun Aug 28, 2016 5:55 pm

Hi all.

My wingman is complaining his bike is cooking his legs!

He dropped by the other day and I could feel that the frame in the area where you tuck your legs in was too hot to touch.

Found some mentions on a US forum suggesting the problem is largely caused by hot air from the radiator. It seems that blocking the gap between frame and fairing with 22mm pipe wrap greatly improves matters and the hot air can still be ducted away lower down without affecting engine cooling.

We're off to France on Sept 5th so need to get this sorted before we go.

What has been your experience and how did you avoid your inner thighs being char broiled?

Thanks F800 owners.

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