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JAlbum photo website

Postby windmill john » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:03 am

Below I’ve popped an email from JAlbum.

Yes in a way he is asking for more people which means more money. But, I’m glad to post this.
I host my pictures on JAlbum, it’s simple, quick and you can choose from a number of formats.
I mention it because sometimes it’s a pain getting images down to 250kb, or below a certain res, or limited to how many; sorry Phil, just trying to help.
When I sold Friedrich, I quickly took some pictures, created a Friedrich site, all in a few secs.
My site is in my signature and I’ve used JAlbum for a few years.
Yes it’s not free, but I buy a three year licence and as he says, no advertising, you choose the layout and I can add, remove a picture very quickly.

Hi windmilljohn,
I hope you’ve had a good start for 2018. The snow has finally settled here in Stockholm, Sweden and I enjoy it.

The Christmas vacation gave me time to reflect. What frustrates me is that even though we receive more positive feedback than ever (see below), our business is still rather small scale (we fit in a car). Have I missed something?

I know we’re partly competing with “free” cloud services like Instagram and Facebook these days, and most people go for the free alternative without a second thought, but I’m 100% convinced that not only you, but a lot of people out there actually value the freedom and integrity jAlbum delivers, but they don’t know we exist.

Let me iterate that with jAlbum YOU are in full control of your image sharing. We don’t copyright your images as many centralized cloud services do. We don’t dictate how and where your images are presented and stored. We don’t lock your precious metadata into our service using proprietary databases or file formats. jAlbum is created in Java for the simple reason that we don’t even want to lock you into an operating system (jAlbum runs on both Linux, Mac and Windows).

Can I ask you a favour?

Please tell people about this. Your words matters more than any marketing effort we can produce. We need more ambassadors that can bring jAlbum to their network of friends, the company they work for, the school their kids go to or sports organization they are part of. Let me know what sites you like so we can advertise where it meets the right people. If jAlbum doesn’t fully meet your needs, let me know why so we can improve further.
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