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Postby SteveR1200S » Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:28 pm

Ok, I already posted some info on my new bike, but as there is a special section for it, I figured I'd go into more detail!

It's a 2006 R1200S, a bike I always wanted ever since I had 'big' bikes.
I got my full liscence at the very end of 2005, and the 1200S was released in 2006, but I knew that the insurance and cost of buying one new would mean I could never have one, i thought then..... 6 years later and I have one!
I had a Suzuki Gladius from new (I like v-twins :grin: ) for a year, and when I went to my local bike shop (SMC in sheffield, excellent shop) and saw the bike sat there, I had to have it. After checking insurance etc I found that the bike was only a tiny bit more expensive that the Gladius, so I had no excuse hot to have it. :grin:

I thought the Gladius was a 'big' bike, but the BM is a proper BIG bike, and is right up my street!


All I can do really is compair the bike to my previous machines, which where -
Kawasaki BN125 Eliminator (never again!)
Honda XL125 Varadero (Big, cool V-Twin, but slow)
KTM 200EXC (cool, but turned out to not be my cup of tea)
Honda CB500 (First proper bike, cheep and I loved it but it fell to bits after 3 winters of riding)
Suzuki SFV650 Gladius (Loved it, what a bike, but not for long journeys)

It's obviously not going to be compaired to the 125s and the enduro bike, or even the CB500 (sorry CB!), but I can compare it to the Gladius.

The first thing I noticed when picking up the 1200 was that it's huge in comparrison to the Suzuki, very long and tall (at the back), but very sporty, and to be honest, not as comfortable as I was expecting.... As for the way it rides, the BM takes quite a bit of effort to turn in, but holds it's line like it's on rails, where as the Suzuki could turn in mega fast and late, but was very twitchy in the middle of corners. As most of my riding is done in the city, I was a little put off by how hard the BM was to ride, seemed very sluggish and like way to much hard work. after a week of riding the bike I've found that I've adapted to it nicely, and although I can't quite nip in and out of traffic as easy as on the Gladius of CB500, the way it ride when out of city more than makes up for it!

Out in the contry, or heading to the coast, the BM can't even be compaired to the other bikes I've had, what a machine! The engine is effortlessly fast and the handling is so stable, it seems to make riding quickly very easy, even 2-up. i had a ride with the Mrs on the back to Skegness at the weekend, and the bike was ace for both of us, although I was nervous that she would hate it after reading that it's pillion comfort was non-existent! We plan on using the bike for some light 2-Up touring and for me to solo tour into Europe. I've started adding Ventura luggage to the bike, as it is really the only option available as the BMW luggage costs a fortune! :shock:

(this is the system I will end up with)


Other Bits I have on the bike (that it came with) are -
Ohlins shocks front and back
6" wide back wheel with 190 section tire
Carbon Fiber Hugger
heated Grips


Any way, enough of my ramblings, but I'd like to hear from any other owners that have owned one longer, and let me know what the bikes like to live with long term.


Re: R1200S

Postby SteveR1200S » Mon May 23, 2011 10:45 pm

Update on the Beemer. :)

really loving the bike now, so glad I finally made the jump to a BM. Had a ride on my bros SV650 on Sunday, which only highlighted how good the boxer engine is. I realise now that real star of tha show is the engines power, and how evenly spread it is, my old bike had a similar top speed to the 1200S, but only had 80bhp compaired to the BMs 120!, well its a bit faster at the top end, but not 40bhp's worth.
I think more manufacturers should put more engine capacity and power into the mid range, how often do need to go 120+ mph? Not as often as it would be nice to have a bike that seemingly pulls from any gear in any situation effortlessly....

I'm also supprised by the range I get from a tank, it'll do nearly 200miles on a tank, which is about £18 of super unleaded. It may not be too good, but it's similar to my old bike which was only a 650. Prob due to the engine in the BM not needing to rev as much (I often ride it in higher gears cos I like the sound of the engine when laboured slightly).

I think the screen could be a bit better, it's fine at 70mph but anything over and it gets a bit rough, which I don't mind so much. Think an MRA variable jobbie may be on the cards....

Ive also been to rainbow to enquire about a set of sport panniers, which are £620! -
Going to see how much cash I can get together, but I don't think I'll have them this summer. I'm on the look out for second hand panniers, so if anyone knows someone who may part with some, send em my way.....


Geoff Thompson

Re: R1200S

Postby Geoff Thompson » Tue May 24, 2011 7:08 am

Can the Ventura rear rack be fitted in conjunction with the panniers?
Nice write up by the way. I could do with items like yours for the eZine.


Re: R1200S

Postby SteveR1200S » Tue May 24, 2011 4:57 pm

Can the Ventura rear rack be fitted in conjunction with the panniers?
I've seen photos of it done (and have trawled through a suprising amount of forum threads about how the panniers are fitted, which has often had people comment on fitting both...), but apparantly you have to have a small bend put in the venture bit. I'm a designer and draftsman and my brother is a fabricator, so I'm sure we can figure it out.... (famous last words... #-o )

I don't think I'd use the panniers and a ventura bag together at the min, but the mrs need the ventura grabrail as that strap thing you get on sports bikes is useless.

I'm also on the look out for a second hand rear seat that I can butcher and fit a fabricated grabrail too....

Nice write up by the way. I could do with items like yours for the eZine.
really? I just think I always rattle on a bore people.... but yea, I could put something together if required. Let me know.


Re: R1200S

Postby AZ-J » Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:45 am

Mine's an '07, I've had since late '08 and its has 13K miles on it, driven on one 4K mile tunaround.

It's been great, with no issues, as well.

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