My former BMWs

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My former BMWs

Postby grandpaul » Wed May 10, 2017 4:59 pm

1972 R60/5 that I bought neglected with the left head smashed.


I sourced the parts from a fellow Brit & Euro club member (Houston, TX BMOA), got it running, and rode it around a bit in anticipation of taking it vintage roadracing, but decided the engine was too much of an unknown quantity to be trusted, having been open to the weather for some time.

I sold it on a few years ago.

1980 R90 that I bought from a friend's dad, 1250 miles away (I needed a road trip). It had sat for many years, but needed no more than carb cleaning and a new battery to start up. It was low on my priority list, and taking up too much space, so I sold it on VERY cheap (less than $2K). I still have the BMW hard bags and Vetter fairing that were on it when I bought it...


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