2006 News update from the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners

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2006 News update from the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners

Postby Anonymous » Wed Feb 01, 2006 9:02 am


A brief update on what is happening with the VBMWMO.

Heres What Happened So Far:


As you are aware the VBMWMO became a newly incorporated entity registered in Billerica, MA USA on June 2005. A lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes that establish the future longevity of the VBMWMO. The new VBMWMO now has its own official office and storage space that is needed for club related materials. (Some of you may see this during May Day this year.)


Jeff Carpenter has been working in the new office on a master database of all of our members that will allow each Regional Director to see the members on line within each of their respective regions. This database can also be used for many things like mailings, orders, renewals etc. This feature will become available sometime soon. Since Jeff C. is also the Treasurer he has worked closely with a CPA and established a world class bookkeeping system that maintains a high standard. The VBMWMOs 2006 financials will be published after the end of the year.


Part of the reorganization means Bylaws and a governing board of five Trustees who protect by majority vote the welfare of the VBMWMO. These Trustees are John Harper (The co-founder of the original VBMWMO), Jeff Carpenter, Jeff Yost, Peter Nettesheim, & our newest member, Roland Slabon.


Recently we added Brock Downey as our newest Regional Director for Western Canada; with Nick Emmanouilides, as Southwest (AZ/NV) Regional Director; and Jim Faulk, as RD of Southern California, following.

Recently Darryl Rickman has taken over as the new VBMWMO Webmaster. You will start to see the website being refreshed with lots of new information and updates.


The new VBMWMO requires elected officers to run the day to day operations of the club. Recently we have mailed ballots to our eligible membership to vote for a President and a Secretary, for two year terms starting in 2006. Both Hans Rosenstein & Tim McGee have stepped up to the plate as candidates for this election. (You need to be aware that I have no interest in running as an officer. Being a Trustee and working at promoting the VBMWMO is enough for me.)


The VBMWMOs Forum is soon to be back online! With Darryls web skills and Tim McGees expertise as a Moderator, the Forum should be back online in February.

Frankly, the nuts & bolts of starting this new reorganization have also helped delay the Bulletin. We are unhappy about this. We realize that the Bulletin is the life blood of the VBMWMO. The good news is that the Fall Bulletin has already mailed a couple of weeks back, so you should all be receiving it very soon. The Winter issue 2005 is in the works and should mail sometime in February.

The new Spring 2006 Bulletin will feature a brand new look and feel. This should mail by First Quarter. Hereafter the mailing schedule for all subsequent issues will be May for Summer, July for Fall, November for Winter, and February for Spring. We have lots of surprises in store with the new issue.

I am establishing a publishing staff to help defray some of the workload off of our present overworked staff. As you are aware Jeff Carpenter was the acting Editor for 2005. Jeff is focusing on being a Treasurer and Trustee for 2006. Currently Hans Rosenstein, and his employee, Guy Georgeson, provide the layout services for the Bulletin. Its a thankless job. Our vision is to spread out some of the base work load among a few extra talented people so we will insure the membership a smoother production and be able to meet our printing deadlines.

I need some volunteers, volunteers who will help gather and submit electronically interest, technical, travel, and restoration stories, etc., along with some good photos. I need various editors who are capable of editing these technical, interest, events, stores etc. The metric in this idea is to subdivide the Bulletin into manageable sections with one Chief Editor, and a Production Manager, who will join each section together to make a whole Bulletin. The more help we can get the easier this job becomes for everybody. This metric will help insure a timely Bulletin mailing. All of this will be organized to help Hans & Guy do their graphics magic to wow our membership.

If you have any ideas to share, or want to help, please email me you proposal. Lets make 2006 our best year ever for the VBMWMO.

Best Regards,


Jeffery L. Yost
Trustee/Interim President
Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Ltd.
P.O. Box 780
Walled Lake, MI 48390-0780
(248) 669-1476

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