K100 /1100 Streetfighter update

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Re: K100 /1100 Streetfighter update

Postby beachcomber550 » Mon May 08, 2017 11:34 pm

Well here I am folks .................. although at one stage I didn't expect to be !!! :-({|=

The CKD ailment has now stabilised over the past 3 assessments, still at stage 3 [ 2 3/4 to be exact ! ] so a slight improvement, but more importantly, the decline in function seems to have been halted.

That's the good news - now the VERY good news is that I didn't sell my Kay Fighter project ! Although I did sell my 5 spoke wheel conversion, K1100 forks and other goodies while I was having a cull.

That means I am now confident that I can carry on with my project[s] with a reasonable chance of finishing it [them].

And Brian - I STILL have the Airhead parts and now I'm back in circulation, I will go up the garage in the next two weeks and attempt to list what's there. You'll have first refusal.

I know there's crankcases, rods, deep sump, crank, fork yokes - including the elusive cast top yoke version. ALL must go. I've even got a good frame - legal, but no V5. Even though I feel well enough to carry on with my current projects - all the stuff I've been hoarding for "whatifs" must be cleared.

There's also a lot of Kay parts that I won't be using or needing. THERE'S EVEN BEST PART OF A K100 BIKE IN BIG BITS. I'll list everything in the next 3-4 weeks.

So - first task is to get the Kay back from storage and re-assess where I'm at with it. I have started it several times [ always 2nd / 3rd prod ] in the past year or so and still sounds sweet. Especially with the upswept 4 into 1 headers and Yamaha can. tHERE WAS AN ISSUE [ SINCE STORING ] OF AN OIL LEAK. i'M HOPING IT'S THE CLUTCH RELEASE ROD SEAL.

I will be needing a 5 spoke rear wheel [ tyre ] from an R or K S model - 5.5" min.

Maybe also a set of K1100 forks / 3 spoke front wheel as well. I can't be assed to go through the 5 spoke front wheel conversion again ! :roll:

Happy to swap parts whatever.
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Re: K100 /1100 Streetfighter update

Postby DEEP DIVER » Tue May 09, 2017 10:45 am

That's good news TJ. You need to keep some thing to potter about with.
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