First Ride R1200RT

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First Ride R1200RT

Postby Blaktop1 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:47 pm

First short trip out 60 Mile round trip to get new Tyres fitted.
Crikey there's lots to get your head round, knobs, switches, buttons, display, indicators left and right hand, screen goes up screen goes down, Phew worked up a sweat for the first 6 miles.
Journey into the East End was daunting enough without trying to concentrate where all the bits are and what they do #-o .

without fiddling too much and just settling down with the RT I have to say my first impression is similar to that of my Sunbeam a tad agricultural in the gearbox department, especially between 1st and second, Still only a novice I know at this stage and its probably me getting used to it 'havent found the sweet spots yet', what didnt help was the stop start in amongst heavy traffic, one way systems and those flaming cameras everywhere.

1st pulling away seems to need a tad more throttle and slip the clutch as if your in second, and coming from third to second at low speed seems to not be to happy, feels like its laboring, not fast enough for third not slow enough for 1st, A couple of clunks now and again seems more when in 1st pulling away slowly in traffic bumper to bumper letting the clutch in and out maintaining a steady crawl.

This is by no means a proper test drive on such a short trip but when at higher speeds sheer luxury compared to what I had, and I dare say these things could be and I'm hoping are inherent niggles with the RTs and a culmination of me not having had a BMW before with this kind of set up.

Looking forward to putting in the mileage and further trips in the Sun.

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Re: First Ride R1200RT

Postby Ruralman » Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:22 pm

Hi Blacktop1,
These bikes require many miles under the belt sometimes for full appreciation of all their quirks and foibles :wav:
My R1200gsa feels a touch agricultural sometimes but I love it's character :grin:
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Re: First Ride R1200RT

Postby arnie » Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:14 pm

Hi new to site have just brought 2008 rt 8000 miles come from pan European like the way it rides yes gear box a bit clunky back brake not the best front great but have found that you can use engine braking very effective try it don't use brakes( well if you have to of coerce ) vibration in handle bars so will get some foam grips to soften it need to change riding styles but enjoying bike thanks arine

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