Checking Recall Issues on Used Bikes?

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Checking Recall Issues on Used Bikes?

Postby Martin » Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:51 pm

Hi All,

Newbie here,

When I start my new job (in a couple of months), I'll be in the market for a used R1200RT. It'll be my first BM, so I'm researching the model's history and the market now, and could do with some advice from more experienced members of the forum, please...

Some used bike ads are up-front about the recall issues that have been addressed but some aren't.

1. Is the VOSA website to best place to check for recall issues ? ... I can't find anything on the BM website without trawling through the News listings. Incidentally I can't see a section of this forum dedicated to recall issues either. Has this idea already been discussed? ... =newsearch

2. Do BMW service centres properly record, eg with an official stamp in the service record book, the issues that have been addressed? If not, is there another way I can confirm they've been addressed, or not, on a particular bike?

3. Will I be able to register myself with BMW as the owner, so as to receive e-mail notice of all new recalls? If so, how?

Many thanks for any replies, and I would really like to meet up on a ride out with those of you in the West Midlands, ... even if it will be in the winter!

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Re: Checking Recall Issues on Used Bikes?

Postby keiththeoutfitter1 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:40 pm

Hi Martin,
The 1200RT is a good choice, I rate mine very highly, having previously owned R100s, K1100LTs, K1100RS, and an R1150RT previously along with a Pan European. (And about forty or more other bikes)
On my 2008 1200RT, not all the recall work had been recorded in the service book. I dropped in at my local dealer and they were able to check on the BMW central database what work was shown on there and they brought my book up to date. Subsequently, I had the rear wheel flange recall carried out and had to ask the dealer to enter the details in the book when the bike and book were handed back to me as he hadn't done so!
The recalls that I am aware of on my 2008 model are: front brake line, done Oct. 2010, fuel pump flange check, done Oct. 2014, and rear wheel flange, done June 2015.
Your local dealer should be able to register you on the BMW system as the owner if you take the V5 in to him.
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Re: Checking Recall Issues on Used Bikes?

Postby Martin » Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:00 pm

Thanks Kieth. Very helpful.

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