Below are listed the answers to many of the queries you may have. If you have a problem with the forum and are not sure what to do about then please read through the listing here and you may well find your answers.

Forum Registration

It is not necessary to register to read the forums, however, if you wish to post messages or view the attached photos you will need to register. Registration is free and simple - just click the register link at the top and you will be led through the process which will only take a couple of minutes. After you have registered you will recieve an email which contains a link which you must click in order to activate your account - you must also log-in at this time - failure to do this will result in your account being deleted after one week. This applies to Forum members and BM Riders Club members alike.

In order to keep the membership list current you must log-in at least once every six months - failure to do this will result in the account being deleted on the assumption that it is no longer used. The simplest way to do this is to tick the 'Log me on automatically each visit:' box when you register - you will then automatically be logged in each time you visit.

Account Activation

After you register with the Forum an email will be sent to the address you used (you must use a valid address) - this mail contains a link that you MUST follow in order to activate your account and you must log-in too - if you accidentally delete this mail before doing so, you may request a new activation email via the log-in page. Failure to activate the account and/or log-in at this time will result in your account being deleted after one week. This applies to Forum members and BM Riders Club members alike.

In order to keep your account active you are required to log-in at least once every six months - Failure to do this will result in the account being deleted on the assumption that it is no longer required. The simplest way to do this is to tick the 'Log me on automatically each visit:' box when you register - you will then automatically be logged in each time you visit.

Although I'm Registered I Can't Log-in

There are three likely reasons for this:

1) You registered a few weeks ago but never activated your account by following the link on the email you received. Registered accounts MUST be activated in this manner and and you must also log-in at this time. Failure to do this within one week will result in the account being deleted on the assumption that it is not required.

2) You have not logged in within the last six months. To keep an account active it is required that you log-in at least once every six months or the account will be deleted on the assumption that is no longer required. The simplest way to do this is to tick the 'Log me on automatically each visit:' box when you register - you will then automatically be logged in each time you visit.
Unlike some forums, I see little point in artificially increasing the displayed number of registered users and these are merely housekeeping procedures put in place to help keep things running smoothly. There is absolutely no requirement for you to actively participate and if you only wish to browse without contributing that is fine. Requiring you to log-in every six months just ensures that accounts are still required.

If you discover that your account has been deleted for these reasons you are welcome to re-register any time.

3) You're mis-typing your password. If you do this a few times the system will lock you out for a few hours to prevent unauthorised access. Leave it a few hours and try again.

I Registered but My Account is No Longer There

There are various possible reasons for this:

1) Your registration was unsuccessful for some reason. If this is the case then you will need to re-register.

2) You registered but failed to activate your account or log-in within 7 days. Non activated accounts are deleted after that time.

3) You have not logged into your account for 6 months. Accounts unused for that length of time are automatically deleted.

4) Your chosen user name was a string of meaningless letters and digits. As spammers often use such names, any such name will be deleted immediately without warning.

5) You may need to delete your cookies. Cookies can give problems with logging on and occasionally need to be deleted. Assuming that you're using IE, just select 'Tools' at the top of the page, go to Internet options and select 'Delete Cookies'.

I've Registered but am Unable to Post

You may have registered but for security purposes your account needs to be activated before you will be able to post - once requested you should receive an email acknowledging your request and you must click the enclosed link in order to activate your account (please log-in too) - failure to do so will result in you being unable to post within the Forum. If this happens and if you no longer have the email, you will need to contact me in order for me to manually activate your account. Accounts not activated within one week will be deleted on the assumption that they are no longer required

I've Forgotten My Password

On the log-in page just select 'Forgotten my password' and the system will send you a replacement. You MUST then follow the instructions in the email to activate the new password. Once you've gained access you can then change the password to one you will remember from within your profile.

How Do I Change My Password or Email Address?

Just select your user name at the top right and select User Control Panel/Profile/Edit Account Settings and you'll be presented with the option to change your password and/or email address. READ the instructions for password requirements.

I Did Not Receive a Confirmation Email

If you didn't receive the standard confirmation email you will be unable to activate your account and will need to contact me directly to do so.

There are some likely possibilities for this:

1) You entered an incorrect email address.

2) It is possible that your email server considered the mail as spam and blocked it.

3) You used a Web Mail address - it is strongly recommended that you use a 'real' email address or you may not recieve the log-in mail as it is likely to be considered as spam. A Web Mail address may give you other future problems too.

In any of these cases, you will need to contact me with your user name so that I can activate the account manually. Failure to do this will result in the account being deleted after 7 days and you will then need to re-register.

Additional BM Riders Club Forums
Within the Forums page there are additional Forums that are accessible to BM Riders Club members only and these are for general Club topics such as events and ride-outs etc. General chat and technical queries should be conducted within the main Forum area so that all can share and benefit.
In order for you to access the Club Forum area you must be a BM Riders Club member and should accordingly include your Forum Username on the membership application form - provided that you include your username, the additional Forum access will automatically be given at the time of processing your Member application. Failure to include the username on the member application will result in your not being given access to the 'Member Only' section and you will then need to request access from the 'User Groups' button at the top of the Forum - activation may then take some days.

Your participation on this Forum, however small it may be, is important to us all so if your account is deleted through your oversight in these matters (ie. not reading the rules :oops: ) you are very welcome to re-register.

Can I Only View New Posts or Posts Since my Last Visit?

Yes, you can. This version of Forum software hides these links under the 'Quick Links' tab at the top left of the Forum

How do I alter my Profile & Forum Preferences?

You can access these settings by selecting your User Name at the top right of the Forum

Adding Photos

It is possible to attach photos to your posts although there are limitations you should be aware of.

To add a photo to your post find the 'Add an Attachment' fields below the Message box, click browse and select the photo you wish to upload from your computer then click 'Add Attachment', (this could take some time depending on your connection speed) and when it's ready click 'Submit'.

You may add no more than three photos to each post; each photo may be no more than 250Kb and 1200 x 1200 pixels; if you wish your photo to display within your post, it must be no more than 650 x 650 pixels otherwise it will display as a downloadable link (this avoids everyone needing to scroll across the page in order to read all posts in this topic): you have a maximum total upload limit of 5Mb - if you reach that limit, you will need to delete earlier photos in order to be able to post any more.

The above restrictions don't apply to images inserted using the 'img' tags but be aware that anything over 650 x 650 pixels will require folk to scroll across the page to read posts contained in that topic and is likely to upset those who you are try to show your photos to. If you are uploading a high definition photo in order to show someone machine detail that is fine and acceptable but please make it clear in the subject line that this is the case.

Error Message When Adding Attachments

The most likely error message when you try attaching a photo is:

General Error
Could not access ftp directory : "forumuploads/thumbs". Please check your FTP settings

This is normally an indication that the size of the file you are uploading exceeds the maximum allowed file size. Current file size limits are posted in 'Forum Rules' (you have read them, haven't you?)

For Sale & Wanted Ads

As in the rest of the Forum, Registered members can post here free of charge, however, replies cannot be made in this Forum - to respond to an ad you must use either the email or pm facilities. I realise that at times this may not be ideal but if replies are posted then the originator cannot delete the post when the item is sold etc and although the software can be set to remove posts after a certain time this only applies from a certain time after the last reply and if folk keep replying...........

I would ask posters to remove their For Sale or Wanted post after it has completed it's purpose and so avoid unneccessary clutter on the board. Ad's will be automatically deleted after 60 days.

I am Receiving Unwanted Mail or PM's From a Member

Everyone, by default, has the privilege of sending both emails and PM's (Private Messages) via the forum. This enables you to reply to For Sale & Wanted Ad's and to contact other members in private should the need arise. Please do not abuse this system by emailing or PMing strangers unless it is regarding forum issues (this Forum is not designed as a Chat Room) and it can be unnerving for folk if they are bombarded with unsolicited email's or PM's from folk they do not know - anyone abusing this system may result in expulsion from the Forum.

Anyone receiving an unacceptable volume of email or PM's via this Forum should contact me with details and the matter will be dealt with appropriately.

Time Clock Shows Incorrectly

Although this Forum is based in the UK, the time is set at GMT + 1 hour - this should show the correct time if you are in the UK although you may need to modify your settings in the winter. If you are outside of the UK, you may need to make the appropriate adjustment to the way your time is shown. This can be done easily from your Profile page.

I Wish to Delete or Edit My Post

If you wish to edit or delete your post you are only able to do that if no-one has posted a reply - if a reply has been posted only a moderator is able to delete the post.

Replies are not allowed in any of the 'For Sale' & Wanted' Ad's - this is to ensure that you can delete your post after your machine has sold etc - the email or PM facility should be used to respond to an advertisement. 'For Sale' & Wanted Ad's will automatically be deleted 90 days after the posting but it would be helpful to all if you delete your ad' after it's completed it's purpose.


What is a avatar? It's a small picture that you can link to all your postings (like the one on the left). Under your Profile settings you will find a button which will allow you to either select and use one of the many pre installed avatars or to upload one of your own - homemade avatars may be no more than 80 x 80 pixels and no larger than 6 Kb (if you don't know what that means then just select one from the list).

Please do not use an image that could, in any way, be seen as offensive - such images will be removed without warning.

I Sent a PM and it's Just Sitting in my Sent Box

PM's will sit in your Sent Box until it has been collected by the other person. If it's still there then the other person hasn't yet collected it.

I've Forgotten my Password - How Can I Log-in?

If you've forgotten your password you need to request a replacement via the Log-in. The system will then send a replacement password to the email address registered to that account and you MUST activate the new password by following the instructions to click on the activation link in the email. If you don't do this then the password will not work. You may then change the password to one you can remember by accessing your User Account. Remember that passwords MUST contain Upper case, Lower case, numbers and symbols.