K75s Output shaft rear seal

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K75s Output shaft rear seal

Postby Ian T » Sun Aug 26, 2018 1:02 pm

Hi everyone

Got me clutch all out and intermediate housing off and no signs of oil leaks but I was wondering if the output shaft seal is a must to do as it all out of the way or not worth the bother. Bike done 40000 miles. Also how hard is it, is it just a pop out or a bugger of a job.

Just spent a few hours drilling out one of the 17 torx that hold the intermediate on. One out of 17 rounds off how lucky am I.

Also anything else you would look to change as it all off, I tend to steer towards the easy path but I don't want to have to pull all this off just because I was lazy or missed a trick. Clutch only done 40k looked like new but had a new set anyway from when motobins were selling the set for about £40 something so thought why not


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