ABS warning lights

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Re: ABS warning lights

Postby Jaythro » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:52 am

My 93 RS1100 flashes on start up then if you switch off and restart after warm no lights. I believe these lights are infamous for being temperamental
My 1993 R1100RS is same as Jimniven describes - also an expert told me it will always be like this. ](*,)

Just overhaul replace the starter and also check the Engine earths

"OR" If you are sure the starter is spinning okay? Do the modification of fitting a relay to power the ABS up only after the engine is running and you will never have this fault again

Another benefit of the way I do the ABS Modification was by using the Green wire I was able to add a switch (Just break into the green wire and lead a twin core insulated wire to where you wanta switch) to Turn off the ABS if I was on gravel lanes or Mud

This became very evident I needed it after visiting an old friend and leaving down his lane I could not get stopped with road tyres on a muddy part (In the end I used the kill switch, a lower gear and the clutch as the brake lever !)
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