Cam chain tensioners.

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Cam chain tensioners.

Postby Ted Devey » Tue Mar 24, 2020 12:35 am

Boxer, oilhead, Cam chain tensioners. R850R Comfort 2004. Frame numberWB10428 A64zF07533
1, How do I tell if this bike has the old standard or the newer cam chain tensioners
-----The current ones have a 17mm nut head. Possibly the older ones??
2. I see a number of youtube sites changing them with the before and after result of no cam chain 'lash' , generally quieter and smoother.
One says " You only need to change the left one??? ( Can't get an answer from the poster of that clip[) -- But, why would that be? Logic suggests to me that you should o both ???
3. Are the new ones simply with a stronger spring for more load? I thought the tensioners were held in by oil pressure, hence the small holes in the body to let oil in to pressure the piston. Is this the case? And if so why would a slightly stronget spring make a difference when the engines running?

Any positive comments are welcome.
Cheers. Ted

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Douglas C
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Re: Cam chain tensioners.

Postby Douglas C » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:32 am

1. 15 mm head size new type,17mm head size old type.
2. Just the left hand side. Possibly because the RH one is at the bottom of the cylinder and stays full of oil?
3. No idea, sorry!
Douglas C.

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