Starter motor saga

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Starter motor saga

Postby John Marshall » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:46 am

I have had on going issues with my starter motor on a R75/7. About 50% of the time it would work ,the remainder it simply failed to engage the flywheel and just span in an ineffective fashion. Well not entirely ineffective as on inspection of the flywheel teeth I could see burrs due to this problem,or maybe Vicky Vercky?
Galvanised as I was by watching a programme last evening in which a Pygmy girl had her teeth filed to points by a bloke hitting the edges with a knife,” you have old persons teeth, they are just breaking off” he said with glee, I have removed the starter motor, dressed the burred flywheel teeth, rubbed some dry moly paste onto same and ditto the “ Bendix” on the original and brand new looking starter motor I had swapped out earlier. I also gave the black wire going from the starter relay to the solenoid a bloody good talking to.
So far 5 starts out of 5. A premature hurrah!
Then I did the tappets on my Morini which also has a starter motor but as this was crap from day 1, I make use of a kickstart when needs must.
This retirement malarkey is brilliant!
John in sunny Devon

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