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F650 vs 2016 EFI Enfield

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:48 pm
by Issy
Hi all

I have been using my 2016 Royal Enfield 500 EFI as my daily bike since the end of February this year after giving my 1995 F650 to my son to try to encourage him to take his bike test. In that time I have covered about 15000 miles using the bike to commute, tour, green lane and generally do whatever I would have done with my F650, of which I have had 3, 2 were stolen and the last one survived long enough to get given away.

It is interesting to compare the two machines as follows;

Numbers - BMW, 50 bhp, 110mph, cruise all day at 80mph, 50mpg, 163kg. Enfield, 27bhp, 75mph, cruise all day at 55mph, 75mpg, 182kg. All figures approximate. However numbers don't tell the whole story otherwise the Enfield would be a very poor second.

The BMW is taller than the Enfield so despite it's greater weight I find the Enfield easier to get on and to move around when parking etc. The BMW is more complex being water cooled, DOHC etc and as I've converted my pushrod EFI to run on a carburettor it is so simple. The BMW is more comfortable than the Enfield due to better suspension, a comfier seat and a more spacious riding position, it is also nicer to ride on a long run as it accelerates smoothly and much better than the Enfield and is less wearing to ride due to the Enfield being fitted with a Gold Star silencer and being somewhat raucous. The Enfield also let's itself down on fast A roads and motorways by being under-endowed with acceleration so easily trapped behind a slower vehicle and positively unnerving sometimes when approaching a joining slip road and being unable to shift into the outside lane.

However the Enfield uses its gearbox less on twisty backroads and is an absolute pleasure to ride using just the throttle and a big dollop of torque whereas the BMW needs constant cog swapping to keep on the boil on backroads. The Enfield definitely makes gentle but enjoyable progress and is more relaxing than the F650 when not having to press on to get somewhere.

Cost of tyres, chains etc is about equal but of course the Enfield relies on new parts rather than a good supply of used ones. Some new parts for the Enfield are ridiculously expensive, how about over four hundred quid for a fuel pump! Now you see why mine got converted.

If I was pushed to only have one it would be the BMW as although I love the Enfield it does have its limitations and I worry about long-term reliability. I do enjoy bumbling around but if I want to go to Scotland I don't want to do it slowly.

Hope that was interesting.


Re: F650 vs 2016 EFI Enfield

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:22 pm
by Galactic Greyhound
Thanks Ian - it was! :smile:

Re: F650 vs 2016 EFI Enfield

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:21 pm
by windmill john
Not a straight comparison, but...

I had £4000 to buy a bike. I didn't need a second bike, but let's keep that door closed!

I test rode the new Himalyan and bought an F800GS for just shy of £4000.

Why? It was purely power. I wasn't ready for the drop in power.
I was going to buy an F650 Twin, but got the 800 locally.
The 800 is still a little tall for me, so the 650 may have been the better option.

Hindsight.... still a good choice, but I will not poo poo the Himalyan.
If I definitely did not go abroad again, then the Himalyan is pretty good.

Not a million miles from your story.... sort of!

Re: F650 vs 2016 EFI Enfield

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:24 am
by george baker
Intersting comparison, thanks, lots to think about there

Re: F650 vs 2016 EFI Enfield

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:27 am
by mobydick
Iv'e looked at at Bullets a number of time but they all seem to have the same failing as a Meteor Minor I owned 30 years ago, the foot rests are too far forward with no easy means of moving them back and find them uncomfortable to ride. The newer ones may be better but I never spend that sort of money on bikes. I agree with 'Issy' the F650 is a nice handling bike but far too many gear changes.

Re: F650 vs 2016 EFI Enfield

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:05 pm
It looks like the fuel pump is a common fault on the Royal Enfield EFI bike. Did you try a external pump to see if that would work ok. I ask as a friend is looking to get a Royal Enfield later this year and I will be tasked with looking after it #-o

Re: F650 vs 2016 EFI Enfield

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:49 am
by Issy
The fuel pump is a common fault and also stupidly expensive to replace at over £400! I have converted mine to a carb which eliminates the problem and with the right silencer has given me a useful power boost. No more worries about failure,