shock absorbers

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shock absorbers

Postby Steven » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:05 pm

Hi I have a 79' R100RS I am bringing back to the road after it has stood for 7 years. It didnt look to bad when i bought it but take a few bits away and yuck its a bit of a mess. heh ho here we go.

Started by removeing the rusted solid fuel cap and £170 sovs later cleaned of all gunk.

Strip and rebuild carbs

Sub frame off strip back end replace refurb and repaint as required.

I am at a bit of a qaundry with the shocks. They are fit for use but paint on springs very rough, no rust just chipped ect. I dont fancy and wont pay £250 for a new pair so any ideas re they easy to take apart ??? just compress the spring and undo the top ??? or can I get a resonably priced alternative???

Any ideas

Many Thanks Steve.

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