RT old and new - interchangeabilty

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RT old and new - interchangeabilty

Postby colinsb » Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:58 pm

If you are considering moving from a recent R1200RT to a new water-cooled model, the following snippets of what I've learned in 10 days of ownership about what can be transferred might help.

Top box: straight swap, but you won't have central locking.

Panniers: no fit - mounts are different, but inner bags will fit. The mounts also look a bit fragile to use as luggage strap mounts as per the old ones

Tank bag: no mounts fitted for BMW clip-on bag. No magnetic surface available.

Screen: no fit - mounting holes are totally different.

Sat nav: Garmin Zumo 660 fits straight into dash with GPS preparation option (£175). No GPS control through bike's menu system. No facility to plug in TMC aerial but it looks like Garmin mount is straight swap.

Engine: Some external accessories such as cylinder head protectors and Crud Catcher interchangeable with R1200GS LC.

And that's about it!

Mike D
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Re: RT old and new - interchangeabilty

Postby Mike D » Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:01 am

Plus, when anyone gets round to performing their own servicing, and uses a GS-911, then the current version will not work. A new version is in development which will be backwards compatible, but the current one cannot be made forwards compatible.


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