2014 R1200GS, 11500 Miles - Rear Shock Failure

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2014 R1200GS, 11500 Miles - Rear Shock Failure

Postby gvhbiker » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:33 pm

Hi everyone
I took my 2014, 11500 miles, R1200GS, to my local BMW dealer this morning for a front fork recall.
When the work was done they informed me my rear shock was faulty - their exact words, "like a pogo stick". I have to admit I hadn't noticed but I assume the problems have occurred very, very gradually & now it's been pointed out it's clear the rear suspension is too soft. The ESA is still adjustable, but too soft on each setting, soft normal & hard.
I Googled the fault when I got home & found a Youtube posting by the bike blogger, the Missenden Flyer, who had exactly the same problem on his 4 year old 19000 mile R1200GS & BMW replaced his shock FOC even though it was out of warranty.
My bike is back in the dealer on May 8th for inspection & assessment & I'm hoping they/BMW will replace the shock without any argument but I'd like to go armed with as much information as possible so, if I need to, I've got evidence of many other people having this problem.
Logically, it must be a defective part if it's failed after 3.5 years & 11500 miles, & so there should be no argument - but I'm old enough & ugly enough to know large corporations might not see it that way if it means parting with some money, so any input would be most appreciated.
Many thanks

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Re: 2014 R1200GS, 11500 Miles - Rear Shock Failure

Postby Galactic Greyhound » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:33 pm

Replied to this same topic originally posted in the 'Hexhead (R1200) Q&A's' section.

This section is for 'Hexhead (Watercooled R1200) Q&A's'. :smile:

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