Tyre Pressures

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george baker
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Re: Tyre Pressures

Postby george baker » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:11 am

Interesting, I hope I never NEED the information

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Rob Frankhamr
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Re: Tyre Pressures

Postby Rob Frankhamr » Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:05 pm

Let's start from the premise that the prosecution have to prove their case.
PC will say in his opinion the tyre was not. inflated correctly. He took a pressure reading with his tyre guage and....
The pressure reading was different to.. The BMW riders manual, Haynes manual, tyre manufacturers advise, local garage information plate.
So which is the correct one.
Well that's for them to prove. Obviously if a bike tyre was clearly under inflated you'd have a problem. If there was a nail in it and you'd been pulled up and had that pointed out you would go Special Reason.
If the arguement following an examination by a police examiner raised its head where it was being suggested that you were running at the wrong pressures, then that's a different arguement.
Remember, manufacturers 'recommend' tyre pressures, they are not set in stone.
In reply the rider (me) would say after a lot of research and riding out testing I have concluded that 36 front and 42 rear worked very well. I would back that up with my experience as a........t
So in order not to go on forever, they'd have a difficult job unless there was a real difference between what all the different info says and what the actual pressure is and that takes us back to the beginning, how accurate is their pressure guage?
I think there are two sets of circumstances here...

If we're talking about a stop/check... i.e. when a vehicle is pulled over by the police for whatever reason, the officer is unlikely to test tyre pressures unless the tyres are obviously under or over pressure. If, for whatever reason he does, he's far more likely to inform you and advise you to get it sorted than do anything else. If the under or over amount is so bad as to be dangerous (e.g. a complete flat) he may put a movement prohibition on the vehicle until the fault is rectified, but he's only going to do that if he thinks you're likely to drive it and put yourself and others in danger (which no one with a brain is going to do anyway). In any case, he isn't going to report for prosecution if the tyre is a few pounds over or under pressure.

The other scenario is in the aftermath of a aserious accident when the police have a duty to try to detect the cause. In this case, the investigating officer will (if possible) check the tyre pressure and, should it be decided that tyre inflation was a major contributory cause, there will be expert evidence to that effect (and potentially counter evidence from defence) and it will be up to a court to decide.

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Re: Tyre Pressures

Postby goldenoldy » Mon May 21, 2018 2:26 pm

Interesting that I asked a similar question back in 2012! The one I bought then has lasted 6years before I ran over it. I guess that’s not too bad for a relatively cheap plastic tool. Mind you, I find that on both car and bike the pressures don’t drop as quickly as they used to back in the day.

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Re: Tyre Pressures

Postby Graeme » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:28 am

I use one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/RACE-RX0014-Ty ... B000VZ8S26

Sensibly priced for an ANSI Grade B (2% accuracy) gauge, which is more than good enough for road use. I "calibrated" mine when I got it by comparing it to a known calibrated gauge at 2 and 3 bar and it was spot on (within the limits of what you can read off the dial). The pressure relief valve allows very easy pressure setting too.


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